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Resurgence Of Vivacious By Irresistible & Proficient Sanguine

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In this modern world, it has become very hard to find True Love for this dynamic generation. There was a rare individual who found True Love which not only enlightened but changed his life forever. Vivacious became a powerful tycoon as his Love played a vital role in transforming him from a boy to a respected Man. So guys, this story is of Vivacious as once again a lady changed his life just like RJ Gorgeous & Coquette did but there’s a mind boggling twist in the end.

Vivacious who at the moment is a 24 year old tycoon has not only created his name in the industry of Cricket media but has announced his arrival in the industry. The powerful entrepreneur cum businessman is tipped to change the course of cricket with his smart write up according to his interns and colleagues which only time will tell.

First meet of Vivacious and Sanguine

The real life inspired story goes back to 2017 at the iconic MGM College of Journalism. Vivacious was a silent kid who wasn’t that social and gregarious. Sanguine on the other end, one of the brilliant as well as a lady blessed with beauty and brains was a top notch student. Vivacious was shy to talk to girls at the start of his curriculum but had a massive impact in academics which grabbed the eyeballs of the entire college, management & his batch mates.

Sanguine was quite cheerful and had a charm which at somewhat made Vivacious fell for her but immediately he said to himself that he is at the college to build an empire and his career. Vivacious stammered a bit when he first communicated with Sanguine which was quite funny and slowly the duo became good mates at college.

Delight for Vivacious

The 3 year course went quite quickly but just at the end of the 6th and last semester, what happened is still a mystery, Vivacious & Sanguine started chatting. Vivacious was quite popular in girls as he was the first to submit assignments and projects. There was a Thesis which was the last project in the academics, Vivacious completed that before a fortnight and said in the WA group that what next he needs to do.

Next day in the college, there was a class test and what happened next was astonishing. Around 5-7 girls asked Vivacious for help in accomplishing their thesis. Vivacious for a moment was unable to understand like what is happening but he helped everyone, gave bullet points and examples. In all this interactions, boys’ circle was quite jealous after seeing Vivacious stealing the show once again

Memorable Date of Vivacious & Sanguine

After a week of the class test, Vivacious had a visit to college and he saw Sanguine in the college as well. Sanguine was quite worried and perplexed about the Thesis and she just asked Vivacious for a help and as usual and obvious,  Vivacious helped her the best he could. Sanguine was quite thankful to Vivacious as he rarely gets a cooling phase due to the non-stop cricketing action.

Vivacious and Sanguine were sitting at the bench in the college campus in an awesome environment. Vivacious just asked Sanguine that can we go out for a Date and she burst into laughter and started saying that you are asking me out and you never pay attention to me in the class as well during the chats. Vivacious thought that what he did, there was pin drop silence for a minute which was life threatening.

Sanguine agreed for a date and Vivacious was be like you almost scared me. This incident happened on 11th March 2020 before the deadly Covid-19 virus was about to peak. The date was awesome as he got to know the other side of Sanguine which was jolly too. Vivacious and Sanguine then bid adieu to each other where Vivacious was seen somewhat flirting with her as he had feelings for her from the start.

Topsy-Turvy phase for Vivacious

The chats between Vivacious & Sanguine became quite normal and there was a pure bond between them which was none other than of friendship. The lethal Covid-19 virus came and since Sanguine used to live in hostel, flied back to  her hometown. Covid-19 brought the duo close to each other as there was nothing significant to do for Vivacious and Sanguine. Vivacious was seen helping out Sanguine in projects and both of them used to chill out by playing online games like Chess and Ludo and the phase was quite a paradise for Vivacious.

In September 2020, Vivacious’ parents were admitted after getting infected to Covid-19 and he was shaken badly. In a phone call conversation during that phase, Sanguine sensed that something is not right and Vivacious just break down and said everything. Sanguine calmed down Vivacious and said that there’s no need to panic and give yourself pain. In that 1 month of September, Sanguine used to make sure that Vivacious is alright because he is someone who may be fearless but at the same time is quite emotional. The inevitable was avoided as Vivacious’ parents came back home safe and it was a massive relief for the designated Cricket Analyst.

True Love

Vivacious thought that it’s the best time to propose Sanguine not because she was beautiful but she was a dream girl for Vivacious. He called Sanguine and confessed his feelings and said to Sanguine that there’s no hurry for her answer and said that he is ready to accept the rejection as well with a broad smile. Sanguine was quite shell-shocked to hear that, there was a silence of a couple of minutes.

Vivacious was worried whether he lost a friend in attaining a wife. Sanguine got a bit emotional and recalled all the memories spent with him in the last 6 months and said that she knows who the real Vivacious is. Sanguine didn’t say Yes or No but the way she was praising Vivacious, he got a clear idea that the girl is undoubtedly interested in him. Sometimes, an answer doesn’t matter as the talks were evident that the duo had a connection and a sturdy bond. Sanguine indirectly said that she likes him ever she saw him first time and Vivacious just break down and was over the moon.

Massive twist in the tale

Vivacious and Sanguine’s parents were quite aware of the love buds and were happy as the duo were focused on career apart from love. Sanguine & Vivacious had a fairy tale kind of love story but it is often said that good things don’t last that happened with the both. Sanguine started a bit getting angry and frustrated due to the career as she was facing tough times but Vivacious stood tall with her.

Sanguine just gave up the relationship and break-up with Vivacious despite the duo talking very frequently. Vivacious tried to find a reason as they had also planned their wedding within next couple of years. Vivacious got to know that Sanguine is disturbed and she didn’t want Vivacious to pay attention to her every-time as her best friend conveyed to Vivacious.

Vivacious wasn’t angry but happy that a girl literally sacrificed the duo’s love for him. Folks, having a lady who backs you to attain you a goal and reach a pinnacle level is much better than an obsessive girl friend. Vivacious’ and Sanguine’s relationship may have lasted for 9 months but Vivacious became a powerful cricket analyst as Sanguine played an unimaginable role in his life, career and love.

Enlightening Spark

After an year, Vivacious gave a phone call to Sanguine just for the sake to ask how things are. Sanguine was so pleased to hear the voice of Vivacious and she confessed everything and apologized him for breaking up. Sanguine talked for around 3 hours with Vivacious and mentioned that she is reading every article, watching every video of him and Vivacious had tears in his eyes and both started crying on phone. It was a moment to savior as there were tears of joy for both of them especially for Vivacious.

Vivacious didn’t force not even put the topic of marriage while on phone in 2022 because the duo lived that life during their relationship and now are buddies who have an unbreakable bond. Vivacious was concerned about the career and health of Sanguine as she too was infected by Covid-19 virus. Sanguine said to Vivacious that he should not stop and continue the great work and become a powerful tycoon which he did in 2023.

Guys, this love story may not have an happy ending but some stories are meant to be incomplete which make them legendary which happened with both Vivacious and Sanguine. The duo have a laugh in a fortnight and now are friends for life who could have been couple but at the moment they are more than that which is invaluable.

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