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Prabhas’ Charm With Prasanth Neel Present Combo Of Gripping Story Telling And Fantastic Action Extravaganza

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Prabhas showcases his talent in the new cinematic triumph Salaar. Director Prashanth Neel carved the role of every actor especially Prabhas as Deva with extraordinary demeanor. The duo of Prashanth Neel & Prabhas made sure that they create one of the finest movies in the industry of India Cinema. 

The director flawlessly created every detail with authenticity and his signature gripping opening scene. The blend of perfect action sequence emotional scenes and brilliant chemistry between characters is very thought-provoking. It won’t be wrong to say that the movie can revolutionize not enlighten and bring the change in Indian cinema.

Prabhas acting will put you on an adrenaline rush and in a surprise

The movie starts with the friendship of two little boys who are willing to do anything for their friend. The child actors put on a brilliant show to match the pace of the stars like Prabhas and Prithviraj. We should not forget that Prithviraj played a key role in the movie

Even the supporting actors were putting you in the grip with their fabulous acting. Easwari Rao did a fabulous job as the controlling mother and her expressions are not telling what she is going to do next. But it was visible whenever she came in front of her son Deva her emotions were flowing without any boundary.

 The duo Bhuvam Gowda and Prashanth Neel present cinematic triumph 

Another collaboration with the cinematographer and director Bhuvam Gowda and Prashanth Neel is a cinematic masterpiece that will keep you waiting for the next part. Especially creating another world of Khansar city like Narachi in KGF.

The historical reference and the fear outside people have for the people of that city give Deja vu of KGF. Anything refreshing is the undying friendship of Vardha and Deva and even the new action sequence with action king Prabhas.

Gripping storytelling and spectacular presentation

Every minute of the story will keep you wanting more and more from starting to the end. The story was woven in an intriguing way of the past and present. 

It was unclear about the identity of adult deva. When Varda invited him to save him as his one-man army how he proved himself worthy is so fascinating. Even the cliffhanger of his identity is captivating.


The storytelling of Salaar is fantastic. From plotting the characters to giving them a good storyline even the judiciary system of a particular place is gripping you in your seats but you will get a glimpse of the regular magic of Prashant Neel that he gave in KGF. It is a good movie but if you are expecting something even more than the KGF you need to wait for the next part because till now it is a sort of revenge.

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